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    Hello tumblr, it is me again. It looks like Kelloggs is doing another book deal from getting specially marked boxes of their products. So, I am enlisting the power of the internet once more to attempt to get books again since they haven’t banned me. The logo in the above image is what the products will have on the box and inside there will be a 16 digit code. Now, when you get three of those codes together you submit them online and they will send you a free Scholsatic book. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up, so here goes:

    I taught first grade last year and got more than 200 books thanks to your help. My students were swimming in books and loving it. For this coming school year my principal has decided to place me in kindergarten, which means my students will be younger and coming to me with very little educational experience. These students have little to nothing. It is through generous donations (government, three square, various community partners, etc.) the kids get backpacks, clothes, shoes, free breakfast/lunch, and some school supplies. The school is not in the best part of town. I’ve had students who live with grandparents because their own parents are in jail, kids who have parents that don’t have custody over them for various reasons, and so on and so forth. Now I am trying to instill a love of reading in my kids, but they literally don’t have any books at home that they can use to practice their reading. Sure they get a library book from the school library at the halfway point in the school year (because they are so young) but it’s not the same, you know? They don’t own the book, it’s not theirs. 

    Here’s where you come in. If you happen to buy one of these specially marked boxes and don’t plan on using the code please send me that code through my ask box. If 60 people on here send me a code I’ll be able to get 20 books, which will easily allow me to get each of my students a brand new book of their own on the first day of school! Now my kindergarten students likely won’t be reading when I get them, but getting them used to holding a book and learning how to treat a book will be great so that when they do learn how to read midway through the year they have experience with a book. I used the Clifford books above because Clifford has great stories to teach about sharing, caring, and interacting with others while utilizing sight words as well. Even if you have no codes, I’d appreciate the signal boost as well.

    So, if you happen to get a code please send it my way. I would appreciate it and so would my kids. I can’t take their picture with the books but I can have them write you thank you notes with excellent illustrations. They’re going to be five years old so expect something adorable. This promotion is going until 3/31/15, so there’s plenty of time and getting books throughout the school year would be fantastic! Thanks again for even reading this. (:

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    STEREK Filthy Gorgeous

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    I’ve been so insanely busy with costume crap for Dragon*Con and actual real work and family junk I feel a little bit like a whirlwind right now but I promise I’m not abandoning you all. 

    Also for those who have asked - Liam will be available soon, I promise! I just haven’t had time to sit down and knock him out yet. 

    Anyway you all know how this works by now:

    • Someone is getting a lacrosse hoodie
    • any size, any character, shipped anywhere
    • To enter: Like and/or reblog this post ONE TIME. Please don’t spam or you run the risk of breaking the notes and ruining my day.
    • This giveaway ends on TUESDAY, AUGUST 19th at 11PM PST. 
    • I will message the winner ASAP after that. Please see the above note for how crazy it’s been for me right now though so there might be a bit of a delay. Just a heads up!

    As always, hoodies are available here

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    New JBJ vid for the Solicited Love Fest on LJ!

    #QAF Brian/Justin - For Your Entertainment

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    NagronCLOSER →

    Made this for the Solicited Love Fest on LJ.

    Summary: This is about Nasir and his tranformation from body slave/fuck buddy to Agron’s - OMG,I LOOOVE HIM SFM AND HE’S MINE - cuddle pillow.Yo, and there’s some serious angst going on. ;-)

  6.   Because I could not NOT do this…..

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    Because I could not NOT do this…..


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    I would just like to add to this, if that’s okay?

    Because I just wanted to say something real quick.

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    I love you two so much.

    This won’t stop me from reading…

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    I actually wasn’t planning on doing this at all but I skipped last week entirely and now with the confirmation that our beloved BH cyclones are taking the field again, I feel like there’s no possible way I can skip this week too. 

    It’s been a long, hard, heartbreaking Lacrosse-less road for the past season and I’m so excited. SO EXCITED. 

    You all know the drill by now. 

    • Someone is getting a lacrosse hoodie.
    • Any size, any character. Shipped anywhere. 
    • To enter: Like and/or reblog this post. Doing both gets you entered twice. 
    • Don’t spam this. You’ll run the risk of breaking the notes making it impossible for me to generate a winning number. Also I’ll disqualify you. Don’t be a dick. 
    • Giveaway ends MONDAY, JULY 7th, at 11PM PST. The winner will be contacted at some point after that. I try to be quick but sometimes I’m slow. 

    As always, hoodies are available here!

    Good luck everyone!

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    do not delete the text, only the pictures show up on your blog

    Hello everyone, I am hosting the 7th annual giveaway. I love doing giveaways for you guys! They’re always so fun, and I love making someone’s year by giving them tons of items for FREE! so I’m at it again! These items are mostly brand new except a few which are in great condition, and have only been slightly used, being bought for me, or bought for the giveaway by me. This giveaway will end on exactly July 12th, 2014. I do not accept bribes, or pick people. The random generator I have coded will choose the winner. I will try to answer all questions that this post does not. p.s. my previous url was ilypizza (snuggul)




    1. Must be following snugguly
    2. You may reblog as much as you’d like! I are keeping track of how many times you have reblogged the giveaway.


    • no likes please
    • I are shipping world wide and for free to the winner (yes that means anywhere, so don’t feel that just because you don’t live in the USA you can’t win.)

    If you have any questions just message me HERE

    • GIVEAWAY ENDS ON JULY 12TH, 2014 (to allow me enough time to ship the items to the winner before our summer is over)


    1. Macbook Pro - $1300
    2. IPad 2 (16g) - $400
    3. IPhone 5s (gold & 32g) - $300
    4. Bose Speaker (bluetooth) - $200
    5. Galaxy S4- $350
    6. Kindle Fire HD- $200
    7. Go Pro- $400
    8. Fossil Watch- $250
    9. Pandora Bracelet (2 charms)- $240
    10. Tiffany & Co necklace- $120
    11. Life Proof case- $100
    12. 9 IPhone 5 cases- $100
    13. IPhone 5 headphones- $10

    TOTAL = $3,970

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